Our Practice Areas

Animal Welfare

Lopes Attorneys Inc. has acted and continues to act for some of the largest animal welfare organisations in the world and have experience in litigating against the State in order to safeguard animal welfare both within South Africa and across the African region.

Administrative and Constitutional Law

Lopes Attorneys Inc. has a broad array of experience in dealing with both issues of a constitutional law and administrative law nature, with particular focusses on environmental law, civil and human rights, and suits against the Government.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering

South Africa’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption and Anti-Money laundering legislation is both complex and intricate. Lopes Attorneys Inc. has assisted a variety of clients in navigating, understanding and dealing with this framework.

Arbitration and ADR

Lopes Attorneys Inc. has a broad array of experience in assisting clients in relation to arbitrations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, which are growing trends within the South African landscape.

Banking and Finance and Insurance Law

Lopes Attorneys Inc. has a broad array of experience in capital markets and the banking and finance sectors, as well as having dealt with the banking and finance and insurance regulatory framework.


Although a relatively new industry within South Africa, Lopes Attorneys Inc. has been one of the few firms at the forefront of acting as legal representatives to clients wishing to operate within this industry.

Civil Litigation

Lopes Attorneys Inc. specialises in civil litigation and has acted for an array of individuals, companies (both national and international) as well as organisations in an array of fields.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Lopes Attorneys has assisted a variety of clients from a corporate and commercial perspective.

Data Protection

Although South Africa’s Data Protection Legislation is relatively new, Lopes Attorneys Inc. has been one of the leaders in assisting clients with their data protection obligations and ensuring that they are fully compliant.

Employment and Compensation

South Africa’s Employment Law is contained in a variety of legislation, and Lopes Attorneys Inc. has successfully assisted both employers and employees in enforcing their rights under the Employment Law Framework.

Environmental Law

Lopes Attorneys Inc. has a specific focus on animal welfare organisations, most notably continuing to act for one of the world’s largest animal welfare organisations, seeking to safeguard animal welfare in South Africa.

Family and Child Law

Family and Child law is often a difficult and emotionally draining area for couples and parents however as Lopes Attorneys Inc., we hold our clients’ hands throughout this entire process making it a more comfortable and certain space for our clients.

Property Law

Lopes Attorneys Inc. has assisted a variety of clients, both landlords and tenants, as well as body corporates in understanding the lay of the land and in assisting them to enforce their rights.


The Regulatory space touches on a multitude of areas which are often complex and tricky to navigate. It is important for clients to understand their obligations and rights in these areas in order to ensure that they are fully compliant with legislation.

Notably Lopes Attorneys Inc. has advised clients in a number of sectors including private security, pharmaceutical, healthcare, telecommunications, cannabis, logistics, legal practice.

Wills and Trusts

Although often a difficult discussion to have proper estate planning upon one’s death is crucial for one’s loved ones. Lopes Attorneys Inc. has assisted a variety of clients in drafting of will as well as establishing trusts.

“Lopes Attorneys Inc. is grounded in a client-first philosophy”

Leadership Magazine, February 2021 Edition

Lopes Attorneys Inc. has been the best firm that I have come across to date. They are responsive, client centered and always forward planning. There was never one instance where I was out of the loop or not informed of the progress of my matter. Really changing the face of the legal profession. He would come highly recommended.

Fernando Carreira

I have always been worried when going to an attorney. However, when I met Rui from Lopes Attorneys, my concerns and worries all went away. He was the most informative and helpful person and Lopes Attorneys was always there for me, helping me address all my concerns. Definitely recommend them to anyone.

Beatrice Mohale

Lopes Attorneys’ responsiveness and communication has been great throughout all my problems. I thought that my claim had lapsed, but Lopes Attorneys and Rui made sure I have all chances to get the best result. Changed my perception of lawyers. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone!

Greg Esterhuizen

My matter was extremely complicated and I didn’t even know where to begin. I was referred to Lopes Attorneys by a friend of mine, and right off the bat, I could see that the attention to detail and knowledge of the law and my claim was at the forefront of the team’s priorities. Both affordable and great service!

Adri Crowley